Our work is rooted in Ecopsychological principles, which emphasize the biological reality of the human species. This means that we encourage and promote the basic biological needs of human beings that are a product of millions of years of evolution, including things like connection to nature, exercise, a natural diet, and plenty of emotionally-supportive community time, play, and rest. At the same time, we are tending the unique needs of each population we serve. The psyche did not appear magically in modern day, adapted for life in our modern world. Instead, our wellbeing is largely affected by the environment - and since our environment is at odds with that which we have adapted to live in, it is necessary for us to engage in a combination of both psychological and ecological work.

Additionally, our programs have an emphasis on the human-nature relationship as a whole, and the need for all of us to do our part to care for the environment. For humans to be healthy, we must have a healthy environment. The perilous situation of our natural world is having both conscious and unconscious effects on the human psyche, and we require a certain level of ecological consciousness in order to foster a way of being that protects our environment. Each program seeks to help participants better understand issues related to the environment and conservation, with the goal of inspiring each person to become a responsible stakeholder in our society.

NATURE BASED WELLNESS PROGRAMS: These programs combine a variety of outdoor activities with a wide range of psycho-educational teachings, team-building exercises, self-care practices, personal and community development instruction, and the exploration of mythology and depth psychological teachings to help each person through the challenges or transformational stage that they're experiencing.

THERAPEUTIC SERVICES: We offer psychodynamic-oriented therapeutic services for individuals and groups, that are rooted in both depth psychological and ecopsychological principles. These services are free to the general public for those in need, though donations to Exploring Roots are welcome. If you are interested in learning more about these offerings, please use our contact page to get in touch.





Since we're located in the concrete jungle of Kansas City, Missouri, where most citizens rarely encounter wild places, or even adequate greenspace, we serve the community as a whole. Our public programs range widely, including themed events relating to Ecopsychology and Depth Psychology, father-son events, mother-daughter events, men's outings, women's outings, and much more. Each program has a unique focus and purpose, including outdoor activities, wellness-focused programming, and ecologically-focused programming. In the near future, you'll be able to learn about upcoming programs for the general public on our event calendar.


YOUTH in-need

Studies show that those with less access to nature have overall lower measures of health as a result of nature deprivation, while at the same time, those who suffer most from adverse environmental degradation are those who have the fewest resources and are least responsible for negative environmental impacts. We feel it is a moral and ethical responsibility to play a role in addressing both environmental and social injustices that exist in our community. Our youth program serves those living in under-resourced urban areas, and seeks to foster a healing and empowering relationship between those we serve and nature, while simultaneously supporting them through the archetypal transition that comes with transitioning from adolescence into adulthood.



Historically, females have been underrepresented in the outdoor recreation movement as a whole. Yet, studies show that nature-based programs for girls and women can play an important role in empowerment and improving measures of health. We believe in equal opportunities for all people, and want to do our part to ensure that we create opportunities where they have been absent historically. For this reason, we have developed a team of female leaders who are dedicated to creating and facilitating programs that specifically seek to support women through outdoor programming.